• Big Mouth Presentations - inspiring a culture of character

      through professional, multi-media shows, custom tailored for your age group.

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    • Big Mouth Presentations - inspiring a culture of character

    • About Big Mouth

      Big Mouth Presentations is a premier character presentation company and has partnered with over 1,000 schools across 21 different states, helping develop or reinforce their culture of character on campus. Big Mouth Presentations is one of the few presentation companies that has been endorsed by the national Character Counts! office and has been sponsored by companies such as APS, PG&E, and the Verizon Foundation.

      Big Mouth Presentations brings a full multimedia experience to schools across the nation, custom tailored for each age group from Kindergarten through High School. These shows inspire good character traits that will help our young people become successful, mature and happy individuals who care about people and are responsible in their communities. They help motivate students, teachers and parents to live lives that positively affect the people and world around them.

    • Our Mission

      Big Mouth Presentations' mission is to inspire a culture of character that will impact generations. Big Mouth Presentations knows that if we are going to see our young people embrace good character traits or habits, it must be because they first saw those traits in their parents, teachers, and other leaders. Students don't become people of character through curriculum, but through an example of someone with character in their lives. Our goal is to partner with you as you help to create such a climate on your campus. We also know that when the character of a school is enhanced, the academics are enhanced as well.

      Doesn't it make sense that when students are responsible they will do their homework? Or when they understand respect that they will listen better in class, which in turn will translate into a better learning environment for all involved?

    • Big Mouth In Action

      • APS Show
      • Kids Run
      • Quest
      • CC! Day
      • Kids Run
      • Preston

      Only Big Mouth provides everything necessary for a presentation!
      Full Bose sound system, 12' screen with rear projection, our own wireless microphones and dynamic presenters!

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    • Meet a few of our Professional Big Mouths!

    • A Loud Generation

      We live in a loud generation. Our young people are bombarded with negative images and messages. These messages are everywhere our youth look - in music, videos, TV, movies, billboards, etc. These messages are loud.

      Why Big Mouth?

      It's time the voice of character became louder than the negative messages we hear. That is why we are called Big Mouth Presentations. We are a team of public speakers with Big Mouths and we will use our big mouths to speak loudly to this generation, far and wide, to bring messages of truth, love and character.

    • Preston Dobbins


      Professional Big Mouth & team leader

      Find out more about Preston

    • Chris Priebe


      Professional Big Mouth & team leader

      Find out more about Chris

    • M. Todd McIntyre


      Founder & Board Chairman

      Find out more about Todd

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    • Preston Dobbins

      (professional big mouth)


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    • Chris Priebe

      (professional big mouth)


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    • M. Todd McIntyre

      Founder & Board Chairman


    • About Todd

      In 2001, Todd McIntyre founded Big Mouth Presentations, a non-profit 501(c)3, with the intent to assist schools and youth organizations in meeting the challenging needs of promoting good character. With his 20 years of experience working with children and teens, Todd has become a premier communicator on developing a culture of character in this generation.

      A Message From The Founder:

      "Since our first character presentation in the Mesa Juvenile Detention Center for Teens in 2001, Big Mouth has partnered with hundreds of schools and youth organizations across the country. The presentations have changed since then, but the message is still the same - “Your Character Counts”! At Big Mouth Presentations our goal has never been to just do a job or put together a good assembly, but it has always been to partner with schools. We found that many schools were getting other presentations that were good, but didn’t flow well with their character philosophy. That's why we have always tried to cater our message of character to be functional for the staff and parents of any school or youth organization.

      We understand that there are many youth presenters across the country. However, when you book Big Mouth Presentations to come and speak to your students you are getting quality presenters that are not only living a life of character, but actually care about your kids. Our goal is to make sure that no matter what school or organization we present in front of, we leave there having given our best. You will never be disappointed that you partnered Big Mouth Presentations for your next presentation!"

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    • Grades K-5

    • Assemblies


      Big Mouth Presentations has been working with K-5 students for years! We have 5 different Character assemblies for you to choose from. Each assembly teaches students about valuable traits of character through the use of humor, videos, crowd participation, dynamic speaking, games and more!

      Check out ALL K-5 services

    • Classroom Workshops


      We also offer Classroom Workshops for those who want to take character to another level at their schools. Our presenters will come to your classroom and speak directly with your class on what it means to have character, as well as do some activities with them.

    • Character Resources

      iOS App

      We have resources to help in your Character Education efforts! Ask for more info...

      Character Education... There's an app for that!

      Read-along comic with sound fx and narration! Includes coloring pages to print directly from app and a quiz on character! Look in the iOS App Store today!

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    • Grades 6-8

    • Assemblies

      Rap Assemblies

      Jr. High can be a difficult age for some. Big Mouth Presentations has been speaking to Jr. High students for years and knows how to get their attention! We have 4 different assemblies for you to choose from. Each assembly encourages students to think about their character through the use of humor, videos, music, crowd interaction, motivational speaking, games and more!

      Check out ALL 6-8th services

    • Field Day Retreat

      The Quest

      The Quest is a field day type event that encourages team-building and character among students. Each student is challenged to make good choices and learns the impact negative choices have not only on us personally, but also on those around us. Students are placed in teams and compete through a series of 4 to 5 stations. Following each station there is a debrief discussion with the team on how the choices they made during the activity affected their team. Finally, it is closed with a short 30 minute assembly on choices.

    • Student Development

      Student Development

      We also offer Specialty Services for those who want to take character to another level at their school. To really inspire a culture of character on your campus, take advantage of our Classroom Workshops, and Student Development Meetings!

      Learn more

      Contact us with any questions on our services

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    • Grades 9-12

    • Assemblies

      High School

      High School is a pivotal moment, when students are learning to become adults. Our expertise in speaking to teenagers enables Big Mouth Presentations to engage with high schoolers like you've never seen! We have 4 different assemblies for you to choose from. Each assembly encourages students to think about their character through the use of humor, videos, music, crowd interaction, motivational speaking, games and more!

      Check out ALL 9-12th services

    • Student Development

      Student Development

      We also offer Specialty Services for those who want to take character to another level at their school. To really inspire a culture of character on your campus, take advantage of our Classroom Character Workshops, Student Development Meetings and The Quest - our halfday student retreat!

    • School Spirit Assemblies

      School Spirit

      Our latest service to high schools is our brand new Spirit Assembly! We partner with you, your student council, athletic teams, or whoever else you want in charge of putting together an awesome spirit assembly to ignite your students spirit! We provide a Bose sound system, live music if you want, activities and a short motivational presentation.

      Learn more

      Contact us with any questions on our services

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    • Staff & Parents

    • Staff Synergy Meeting

      Synergy Meeting

      Staff workshops utilize slideshows, videos and a motivational speaker to show you how character & leadership development can be done without adding more to your plate. The trainings also offer a facilitated brainstorming session for your staff to create a plan of action for the culture of your campus.

      Contact us about tools/resources on character development for you to use in your classroom or on campus!

    • Staff FUN Retreat

      Staff FUN Retreat

      Imagine a staff meeting that your team not only looks forward to, but begs for it again! Team-building exercises, fun challenges, music, motivational speaking, even a salsa-making contest! This retreat for your staff will not only be fun, but will get your team working together and reignited with a passion to serve your students.

    • Parent Workshops

      Parent Workshop

      Teachers can only do so much with their students. Ultimately, it's up to us parents to raise our children to be people of character. That's why we offer evening parent workshops to help equip parents to better teach and model character in the home. When schools and parents are partnered for the success of our youth, the outcome is tremendous!

      Click here for more info

      (for Staff & Parents scroll to page 4)

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    • Proof It Works!

      The following list represents a portion of schools, organizations and groups Big Mouth Presentations has served, which you may use for references.

    • AZ School for Deaf & Blind

      Kristi Thomas, M.A., LPC, CRC


      (520) 770-3414


      Read Letter of Recommendation

      Alhambra Elementary School District (Phx, AZ)

      Carter Davidson

      Director of Student Services

      (602) 336-2945


      Hohokam Elementary School

      Scottsdale Unified School District

      Kevin Flynn



    • 98% Overall Satisfaction

      Based on surveys from APS mini-grant participants

      Big Mouth Shout Outs

      "The professionalism and the enthusiasm of the presenters is what make this program worthwhile." - Steve Jeffers, Youth Opportunity Center, Muncie IN

      18% Increase In Staff Job Satisfaction

      After only a few visits to a failing school in Phoenix, Arizona

      "I have never seen such a great assembly before at our school and we have a lot of assemblies. You guys really communicated with our audience and I was laughing the whole time. I can remember everything they said!" - Katie, Sophmore at Isle of Wight Academy, VA

      “Your message to the parents was outstanding and as I sat there, I just wished that we had booked you for an all teacher meeting so they could hear it and see their role in the development of our children’s character.” - Joe Buzzelli, Bullhead City, AZ

      29% Drop in Discipline Referrals

      After 1 year with an underperforming Middle School

      35% Drop in Discipline Referrals

      The 2nd year with the same Middle School

    • Arizona Character Education Foundation & APS

      Louise Moskowitz

      President - AZ Character Ed Foundation

      Community & Economic Development - APS

      (602) 250-2291


      Arizona Character Education Foundation

      Tammy A. Linn - Former President

      Prescott City Councilwoman

      Character & Ethics Trainer

      (928) 899-7655


      Gilbert Christian High

      Gilbert Christian Schools

      Jim Desmarchais



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    • Get in touch

    • Drop us a line

    • Contact Information

      Big Mouth Presentations is a national 501(c)3 presentation organization headquartered in Arizona.

      P.O. Box 11934
      Glendale, AZ 85318

      Phone: (480) 221-5171

      Fax: (602) 926-2363


    • Social Networks

      Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube!

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      Join us on social networks for updates and news!

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    • Sponsor Character!

    • Affiliates & Connections


      This is a list of people or organizations that Big Mouth Presentations has either partnered with in the past or that do similar work in Character Education. Please use this list as our references and also as a resource for your character efforts.

      Character Counts!

      BMP originally got its' feet off the ground through an endorsement from the national Character Counts! office of the Josephson Institute. CC! has tons of resources for character on your campus and in your home!

      AZ Character Ed Foundation

      Big Mouth is endorsed by the Arizona Character Education Foundation. The AZCEF offers mini-grants to AZ schools for character education purposes. Visit their site to apply or support the foundation by purchasing an AZ Character Education license plate!

      AZ Department of Education

      Big Mouth is a preferred provider for Character Education through the AZ Department of Education. Grants are available from time to time through the state of Arizona that can be used toward our services.

      BTW Society

      The Booker T. Washington Society is based out of Vermont and focuses on character building, using Booker T. Washington as an example.

      Hope Leaders

      HopeLeaders trains administrators, educators and other leaders with character and integrity.

      Clarence Lee

      Champions is a team that demonstrates live feats of strength to energize the audience and inspire people of all ages with meaningful messages that leave a positive impact.

    • Donate

      We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization, so all donations are tax-deductible! Thanks to our donors and sponsors, we are able to offer our services far cheaper than we could otherwise. Still, our goal is to provide many more schools with free or reduced-rate services.

      To help us with this goal, please contact us to make a donation or become a sponsor. You can also make an online donation through the widget above. Thank you so much!

    • Sponsorship Opportunities


      PG&E awarded us a $13,000 grant in 2012 to work with 10 schools in San Luis Obispo County, at no cost to the schools! Read the official Press Release

      Verizon Foundation

      We are very grateful to the Verizon Foundation for their generous contribution during the 2011-12 school year, which allowed us to provide 10 Arizona schools with our services at no cost to them.

      Sponsor BMP

      We have a couple opportunities below for you to partner in this mission to "inspire a culture of character". If you have any ideas for other ways you would like to partner with us or become involved, please contact us and let us know your thoughts.


      Corporate Sponsorship

      We would like to thank Arizona Public Service (APS), the largest electric company in the state of AZ, for a 5 year partnership that allowed us to present to hundreds of schools across the state of AZ, reaching thousands of students!

      This project is no longer available through APS.

      Find out more about this cause marketing relationship model

      One School At A Time

      Reach thousands of students, teachers & parents, while helping out your community! Sponsor 1 school in your area and we'll market your company or highlight you as an individual. Contact us for info...

      Driving A Culture Of Character

      Vehicle Sponsorship Program

      Driving A Culture Of Character

      5K Run for Character!

      5K Run/Walk & Kids Dash

      Run for Character

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